Napoleon Bonaparte (16 volume set, Fine bindings, Connoisseur Edition)

Napoleon Bonaparte (16 volume set, Fine bindings, Connoisseur Edition)

William Hazlitt; Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne; Laure Junot Abrantes, duchesse d'

London : Grolier Society, 1895

Gorgeous binding by the Grolier Bindery. Limited edition of only 75 copies. 16 volumes. Bound in contemporary 3/4 crushed green morocco. Gilt with Napoleonic emblems in red morocco inlays, all within a decorative gilt border panel. Top edges gilt. Four raised spine bands.  Spines sunned.  Good bindings and covers.  Clean, unmarked pages.  Title-pages printed in red, gold and black, photoreproduction frontispieces and plates, portraits, facsimiles, etc., each in two states (colored and uncolored). Each plate accompanied by guard sheet with brief descriptive letterpress in red.  

Contents: v. 1-6, The life of Napoleon / by William Hazlitt : v. 1. ch. I. From his birth to the period of the siege of Toulon ; ch. II. Some account of Corsica ; ch. III. The French revolution : preliminary remarks ; ch. IV. Breaking out of the French revolution ; ch. V. Coalition against France ; ch. VI. The National Convention ; ch. VII. The siege of Toulon; v. 2. ch. VIII. The quelling of the sections ; ch. IX-X. Campaign in Italy ; ch. XI. The taking of Mantua ; ch. XII. Treaty of Tolentino ; ch. XIII. Treaties of Loeben and Campo-Formio ; ch. XIV. Negotiations in 1797 ; ch. XV. The eighteenth of Fructidor ; ch. XVI. Buonaparte's return to Paris in 1797 ; ch. XVII. Expedition into Egypt : the battle of the Pyramids ; ch. XVIII. The battle of the Nile ; ch. XIX. Situation in Egypt ; ch. XX. The battles in Syria ; ch. XXI. St. Jean's d'Acre and Alexandria; v. 3. ch. XXII. The eighteenth of Brumaire ; ch. XXIII. Provisional consuls ; ch. XXIV. The consulate ; ch. XXV. Different political projects agitated in the Council of State ; ch. XXVI. Colonies : adoption, etc. ; ch. XXVII. First suggestion of the Concordant ; ch. XVIII. Marengo ; ch. XXIX. The infernal machine ; ch. XXX. Peace of Amiens ; ch. XXXI. Rupture of the peace of Amiens ; ch. XXXII. Preparations to invade England ; ch. XXXIII. Conspiracy of Georges, Pichegru, and others ; ch. XXXIV. The establishment of the Empire; v. 4. ch. XXXV. Battle of Austerlitz ; ch. XXXVI. The treaty of Presburg ; ch. XXXVII. Battle of Jena and entrance into Berlin ; ch. XXXVIII. Battles of Eylau and Friedland, and peace of treaty ; ch. XXXIX. The affairs of Spain ; ch. XL. The same subject continued ; ch. XLI. Campaign in 1809 ; ch. XLII. Napoleon's divorce from Josephine and marriage with Maria Louisa ; ch. XLIII-XLIV. Expedition into Russia ; ch. XLV. The battle of Moskwa ; ch. XLVI. Burning of Moscow ; ch. XLVII. The retreat from Moscow; v. 5. ch. XLVIII. The retreat from Moscow ; ch. XLIX. Campaign in Saxony in 1813 ; ch. L. The battle of Leipsic ; ch. LI-LII. The campaign of 1814 ; ch. LIII. Residence in the island of Elba and return from it ; ch. LIV. Proceedings previous to opening the campaign ; ch. LV. The battle of Ligny ; ch. LVI. The battle of Waterloo ; ch. LVII. Departure for St. Helena; v. 6. ch. LVIII-LIX. Residence in St. Helena ; ch. LX. The death of Napoleon ; Supplementary chapters : ch. I. Removal of the body of Napoleon to France ; ch. II. Napoleon's wife and child ; ch. III. Malame Buonaparte, and the families of Joseph and Lucien ; ch. IV. The family of Louis Buonaparte ; ch. V. Family of Jerome Buonaparte : the sisters of Napoleon and the Beauharnais family. v. 7-10, Memoirs of Napoleon / by Louis-Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne : v. 7. 1769-1800; v. 8. 1800-1805; v. 9. 1805-1814; v. 10. 1814-1821 ; 1840 : the second funeral of Napoleon. v. 11-16, Memoirs of Madame Junot. 

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