Early English Law

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A Collection of Entrees - 1596

A collection of entrees [entries]: of declarations, barres, replications, reioinders, issues, verdit..

$2,000.00 Ex Tax: $2,000.00

Dyer's Reports - 1585

Cy ensuont ascuns novel cases, collectes per le iades tresreuerend iudge, Mounsieur Iasques Dyer, ..

$4,500.00 Ex Tax: $4,500.00

La Graunde Abridgement - 1565

La Graunde Abridgement, Collecte Par Le Iudge Tresreverend...Fitzherbert, Anthony;. 3 books in two p..

$3,000.00 Ex Tax: $3,000.00

Le Grand Coustumier du Pays et Duche de Normendie: Tres Utile & Profitable a Tous Practiciens

Le grand coustumier du pays et duche de Normendie : tres utile & profitable a tous practiciensGuilla..

$5,000.00 Ex Tax: $5,000.00

Reports of Edmund Plowden

The commentaries, or Reports of Edmund Plowden ... containing divers cases upon matters of law, ar..

$675.00 Ex Tax: $675.00

The Auld Lawes of Scotland - 1597

Regiam majestatem + De verborum significatione (The auld lawes of Scotland; 2 volumes bound in one) ..

$2,000.00 Ex Tax: $2,000.00