A Study of History (Volumes 1-10)

A Study of History (Volumes 1-10)

Arnold Toynbee; Royal Institute of International Affairs

Oxford University Press, 1954

10 volume set. Toynbee's magnum opus. Bound in publisher's red / brown cloth. Gilt lettering. Hardcover. Good bindings and covers. Pages clean, unmarked. Light wear.

Contains: Vol I: Introduction: The Geneses of Civilizations, P.1;Vol II: The Geneses of Civilizations, P.2; Vol III: The Growths of Civilizations; Vol IV: The Breakdowns of Civilizations;  Vol V: The Disintegrations of Civilizations, P.1; Vol VI: The Disintegrations of Civilizations, P.2; Vol VII: Universal States; Universal Churches; Vol VIII: Heroic Ages; Contacts between Civilizations in Space (Encounters between Contemporaries);  Vol IX: Contacts between Civilizations in Time (Renaissances); Law and Freedom in History; The Prospects of the Western Civilization;  Vol X: The Inspirations of Historians; A Note on Chronology. <br><br> "Toynbee's enormous work attempts a complete analysis of the cyclical view of history, in which the civilizations (of which Toynbee identifies twenty-six) are the units. It is liable to the same criticism as Spengler with whom Toynbee shares his popularity in Europe and America." Printing in the Mind of Man, 421.  

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